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Xiamen Jiasheng Engineering Machinery CO.,Ltd

 Xiamen Jiasheng Engineering Machinery CO.,Ltd located in beautiful Xiamen economic development Zone, is a professional enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of “XIASHENG” branded XM wheel loaders, wheel excavators, forklift trucks, relevant parts and components.

  Founded in 1999, XIASHENG has been developed into a company with an annual output capacity of 2800 wheel loaders and 3500 assembly of gearboxes, torque converters and drive axles. The company is well equipped with experienced engineers and technical experts, advanced facility, and excellent technological properties. It also provides efficient service to customers, with an extensive supply network of parts and components.

  The company is committed to deliver quality products, built in with quality assurance system XIASHENG products have been approved by Xiamen Quality Minitoring&Inspection Centre. The reliability, safety and other performance indicators of our products are at the top level of the domestic engineering machinery industry. The company has made great efforts to implement TQC(Total Quality Control) and is ISO9001:2000(Quality Management System) certified XIASHENG machines are well accepted by many national and oversea priority constructions, such as the Three Gorges Project, Beijing Municipal Engineering Corporation, Amoy Road&Bridge Company, and Kyrgyzstan Water Resource Project and UN Project. Our products have been sold throughout countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America, and Africa so on.

  XIASHENG is aiming to be innovative and pragmatic and will produce high quality with better cost performance to meet the demand of customers. XIASHENG will be with you on our way to success.

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