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About XCMG E-Commerce Inc.

XCMG E-Commerce Inc.

XCMG, an iconic brand of construction machinery industry in China, was born in 1943 at the Huaxing Iron Factory. Since 1989 when it was designated as the reform pilot of corporate groups in China, XCMG has remained No. 1 in China's industry of construction machinery. At present, it ranks No. 3 in the world and is one of the World Top 500 brands.
XCMG owns more than 60 enterprises in complete vehicles, parts and components, trade and new business forms, covering 9 business sectors in construction machinery, mining machinery, heavy-duty trucks, sanitation equipment, agricultural machinery, core parts and components, fabricated buildings, financial services and information technology.
As the pioneer and leader of construction machinery industry in China, XCMG is largest construction machinery manufacturer with longest history in China that supplies the most diverse product lineup, core parts and components. It is also the most innovative and international manufacturer with the largest export volumes.
In the 1950s and 1960s, XCMG produced the first construction machinery in China, including cranes and road rollers, which contributed to the construction projects in the newly-established China. Nowadays, XCMG has more than 100 of industry's first and top machinery in China, e.g., the world's largest crane and China's largest excavator. Besides, XCMG also has 9 championship enterprises and products in 5 business sectors. The market shares of its 9 product categories take the first place in China, among which its mobile crane has the world's largest share. Besides, its complete sets of concrete machinery and piling machinery have their market shares taking the first two places in the world.

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